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Embrace creativity - play with light, whether from a mirror or candle, and create distinct new moods for your space.
It all starts with a strong foundation. Set the look for an entire room with the most stylish and functional floor items around!
Celebrate the beauty of nature throughout the seasons with decorative and functional pieces, perfect for outdoors.

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Industrial Loft Furniture, Lighting & Home Decor

Lofty Ambition
The industrial revolution gave birth to a lot of great buildings, not least the factories and warehouses of America’s cities. Since the 1970’s artists in need of reasonably rent and plenty of studio space have turned these once industrial buildings into residences, creating a global design approach that endures in appeal and style.

Bright Lights, Tall Ceilings
A staple of Industrial style comes in the form of raw, functional lighting and the illumination of high ceilings (usually about 10ft). Can lights, metal work lights, and anything that might have been used as a mid century shop light all fit the bill to perfection.

Office Furnishing Reincarnated
In keeping with the industrial roots of this look, vintage style office furniture and storage are staple pieces. Vintage lockers, library shelving and laboratory style brushed metal surfaces all keep this artistic style firmly rooted in history while still being truly contemporary.

Exposed Walls, Columns, Pipes
A sense of rawness delivers an industrial loft feeling – exposed brick, exposed columns and even painted pipes and sprinkler fixtures all add to the effect. Metal café chairs, distressed and vintage clock faces and raw rope or wood details are also great ways to create a raw elegance.

Shelving Walls, Gallery Walls
Using a large shelving unit to divide a room is a classic industrial loft approach, as is creating a space for art to be appreciated. In a light, airy space, one large piece of art or a mindfully arranged grouping of art can make a big impact.

Factory Floor
A strong industrial loft effect is also created from the ground up. Poured concrete floors and reclaimed wood floors with extra-wide boards set the foundation for an undeniably stylish loft look.
Loft Luxe - tufted upholstery and old world details balance the grunge bohemian factor perfectly, lest we forget that SoHo has a Chanel boutique. Shop Industrial Chairs
Eton Industrial Chalk Board Wallpaper - Charcoal
Industrial Scientific Newton Wallpaper - Linen
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