Modern Furniture, Lighting, and Home Decor

  • Classic and Modern Bedroom Set

Our modern furniture collection has a standout voice and point of view—seamlessly blending classic design and silhouettes with all that we adore from fresh, modern looks. The pieces you’ll find here respect traditional design: order, symmetry, and balance paired with rich fabrics and a warm, neutral palette. But this collection goes one step further by incorporating creative, modern textiles, clean lines, and minimalist texture for a simple and pure look that’ll gift your home with timeless, beautiful design.





Our modern furniture collection is the most versatile of our offerings and allows for superior creativity in multiple design styles. Whether it’s a general item (like a bed, desk, chair, or sofa) or a specific piece (like baby and kids room furniture, or bathroom furniture), the pieces in the Modern Classic collection are grounded in what we know works: order, symmetry, and balance inspired by the ideals of the Greek and Roman empires. Standout pieces of furniture—like an office desk or chaise lounge—to act as a focal point of the room are key, and the color palette is neutral, warm, and rich, just as you’d find in nature. Generally, classical design uses natural materials and elegant fabrics, and while this may be true for some pieces, this aspect of the collection is often what is given a modern twist. Along with our more traditional items, find yourself a contemporary, mid century chair, seating upholstered in fun fabrics, mirrored media consoles, and the best contemporary decor for some great shelving ideas and inspiration. Shopping for inspiration or multiple design styles has never been easier, as every piece you’ll find in the Modern Classic shop can be woven into our other collections. We can confidently say that with this look, there’s something for everyone.