Rustic Furniture, Lighting and Decor

  • Rustic Bedroom Furniture Set

Our rustic furniture celebrates the beauty of the outdoors through its use of natural materials and its easy, laidback style. Whether it’s the Rockies, the Redwoods, or the Adirondacks, our Rustic Lodge collection brings the outdoors in and breathes to life a relaxing space where you can get away from it all.




Our rustic furniture collection starts with the basics: a reclaimed wood table, dark leather chairs, leather sofas, kilim pillows and ottomans. These are just a few of the rustic furniture staples you’ll find in this truly American, nature-inspired curation. Natural wood finished rustic mirrors hang next to taxidermy and rustic candle sconces on the walls of the barnwood lodge, bringing a sense of the pine outdoors to the tranquility of the home. Our rustic lodge lighting is as interesting and inspiring as the land where it was born. Found objects like abstract shapes of wood or old wagon wheels become chandeliers or table lamps in the eyes of a talented craftsman. Wrought iron and southwestern inspired lamps and pendants fill this collection. The rustic decor accessories come directly from the beautiful American landscape. Petrified wood, hair on hide pillows, and candle accessories fulfill the majestic look that makes you feel like you’re warm and cozy in a mountain resort. The rustic lodge style is made warm and inviting with a hair on hide rug or a southwestern wool rug expertly made. These pieces go great with the wood paneling, exposed beams, bluestone floors, and wool blankets that give this look its rustic charm. Or mix this rustic look with regency for our rustic and refined look.