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Where can I find product care information?

Here! Read through our FAQs below for some of our most commonly asked product questions. You can also visit The Designer’s Handbook on the blog for tons of product care related articles, such as our Textile and Fabric Guide and our Hard Goods Guide. Additionally, some of our trickier products have a product care tab on their specific product page.



How do I care for your wood products?

For all of our wood products, our go-to is Modern Masters’ Dead Flat Varnish. Apply a few thin coats of the varnish with a dry soft sponge to protect the wood. And don’t worry—applying this varnish will not leave a sheen; instead, the varnish will retain the wood’s natural beauty while enhancing the grain (keeping you safe from splinters!) and preventing drying and cracking. If you want to apply a wax, our favorite is Howard’s Feed-N-Wax. For upkeep, make sure to use coasters and placemats to prevent unwanted stains and marks. To clean, water and a mild soap solution is perfect for any smudges.


How do I care for metal products?

Our go-to for everything metal is Rust-Oleum. They offer a variety of sprays and finishes that can be tailored to specific types of metal products, depending on your needs. Say goodbye to the tin man and hello to well protected, shimmering metal.


How do I care for your fabrics and upholstery?

It’s evitable. Whether it’s the pets or the kids or… you (we promise, we didn’t see you do it, it could have been anyone!), fabric and upholstery has to be protected and will need to be cleaned. For this, we’re fierce advocates of Scotchgard. Their website gives a great breakdown of their different products. Additionally, we highly recommend reading over our own Textile and Fabric Guide, which covers everything you need to know about the fabrics and upholstery on our site in great detail!



What size chandelier should I purchase for my size dining table?

Hang your chandelier so that its lowest point is 30-34 inches from the tabletop (we always suggest leaning toward the higher end of this margin). The diameter for a chandelier hung over a table should be one foot less than the width of the tabletop to avoid hitting heads. If you want to place two smaller chandeliers over a long table, choose a diameter that’s about one-third of the width of the table. All of this information and more can be found on our blog on the Chandelier Cheat Sheet

What size chandelier should I buy for my ceiling height?

Use this great ratio: 2.5 inches in fixture height per 1 foot of room height. 

Does the height of chandelier/pendant include the chain/pole?

No, it is just the height of the fixture. The chain/pole can usually be adjusted. 

How much wallpaper do I need for my wall?

Follow our steps, and you’ll be good to go:
  1. Measure the length of each wall in inches, and then measure the height of the room from ceiling to floor in inches. Inches gives a more accurate measurement than ft.

  2. Add together the lengths of each wall in the room, and then multiply that sum by the height of the room. The result will be your wall area in inches.

  3. To convert to square feet, simply divide your result by 144.

  4. Measure out the square footage of windows, doors and other large openings, and deduct this amount from your calculation.

  5. Check the roll label for how much square foot coverage the roll gives, and ensure the roll coverage is more than the total wall square footage.

  6. In general, we suggest ordering one more roll than you may need. It’s always better to be safe in these situations.

Can your wallpaper be removed?

No, our current wallpaper is paper and it will rip. Need help deciding? Check out our wallpapering tips on our blog The Kuotes.

Can any of your lighting be rewired for international locations (Australia, Europe, etc.)?

Some of our lighting pieces have this option, but not all of them. Please call customer service at 1-888-908-2925, and our design-savvy staff can help you select a lighting fixture that has rewiring available and also suits your design. Note that rewiring services takes a period of about 4 weeks and will cost an additional fee for that additional labor. 

Is your lighting UL listed? 

Yes. All of our lighting is UL listed.
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