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What is Kathy Kuo Home?


We are the people who’ll have you singing Etta James’ “At Last” when it comes to your interior design needs. At a barebones level, Kathy Kuo Home is an online boutique that offers a carefully curated selection of unique designer furniture and home decor (we select every item on our site by hand to ensure that you’ll find high-quality products that you’ll love). But it doesn’t stop there! Our proactive, friendly, design-educated staff will also help you step by step with all of your design needs, including project management services, fast shipping, easy returns, product recommendations, and expert on-the-spot problem-solving.



Why should I use Kathy Kuo Home?


Because you are a designer or a design-savvy individual, and you want to do what you love—design! You DO NOT want to spend your time scouring showrooms to curate product, handling shipping logistics, arguing over damage claims, calling people to find pricing and arrival dates, and/or dealing with returns. We not only provide you with premium product, but we also ease all of your design pains so that you can focus on creating a home that you absolute adore.


About Kathy Kuo

When really good design happens, you don't notice it." - Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is the founder of the online boutique Kathy Kuo Home. Alongside her role as a designer, Kathy is a wife, mother, cook, and world traveler. Born in Taiwan, raised in Boston, and living in the great NYC, Kathy is proud to be where she is today, offering you a location for all of your interior design needs. Kathy graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, traveled to over thirty countries, worked in TV, and launched her own business all for her deep and love and care for

A standout talent in interiors - not only as an expert stylist but also as someone who understands first hand the countless materials, crafts, traditions, and techniques of the trade - Kathy has worked with stars like Robert Redford and Halle Berry and has had her designs featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor and other lifestyle publications. She also recently starred in FYI Network's Rowhouse Showdown.

Read more about Kathy and her story on our blog.







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