French Country - Candleholders

Candles in the French Country style have a long and varied history going back to Roman times. By the 13th century candle making had become a guild craft in France where candle makers were known as chandlers. However it wasn’t until the 1850s that commercially viable, easily stored candles made it to the masses. It was, unsurprisingly, a brilliant French chemist who made a breakthrough with the introduction of stearin, a triglyceride that stays solid in temperatures up to 131F. Once this new technology came to market, the variety and scale of production of French Country style candleholders skyrocketed. Today candlelight is a pleasure rather than a necessity, where the simple charms of days gone are evoked in the strike of a match. Perfect alone or in a pair, French Country style candleholders make the perfect compliment to traditional spaces where refinement and romance are celebrated.