Global Bazaar - Dressers

Long before the days of 1TB keychain fobs and conceptual clouds to hold all of our life’s memories, there was another kind of mobile storage: traditional mobile storage cabinetry in the form of dressers and chest of drawers where clothing, linens and keepsakes would find their place. While so much has changed technologically, the fact remains: everyone needs a place to store his or her belongings and has the right to do it with style. In Asia, this tradition takes shape in the form of exquisitely design and crafted pieces such as the iconic Tansu style found in Japan. Replete with bold metal hinges and locks, these dressers were made for the long haul, both literally and figuratively. Metal decoration and embellishment is found throughout the Global Bazaar style tradition, and appears in great abundance around the edges and surfaces of dressers and drawers.
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