Hollywood Regency - Pendants & Lanterns

Pendants and Lanterns in the Hollywood Regency style beautifully express the traditions of luxury of decorative details while evoking thoroughly modern lines and attitudes. These pieces of hanging art are perfect for crowning grand dining rooms and those airy, spiral staircases which were so prevalent in art deco style homes. Materials like mercury glass, mirrored surfaces, semi precious stones and curved lines reminiscent of old world Chinoiserie all make noteworthy appearances. Bold modernism is right at home here, whether in the form of polished metal shades or in natural forms like branches and amber. While there is no shortage of subtly and understatement, the most covetable, genre defining pieces deliver a slightly bolder statement which is perfect for generously proportioned rooms. The approach is a bit like the legendary Liz Taylor’s quote “big girls need big diamonds.”
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