Industrial Loft - FURNITURE

The Industrial Loft furniture draws directly upon the eclectic tastes and ingenuity of the artists and creative personalities who pioneered the style. Found objects and remnants from the old factories and warehouses were repurposed into furnishings and paired with a mix of vintage and mid century style d├ęcor to create a unique mix that is both nostalgic and edgy in equal measure.

Storage, partitioning and portability play major roles in the style, due to the abundance of square footage and uninterrupted space that was so typical of the original loft conversions. A bookshelf becomes a makeshift wall, dividing bedroom from living room. A dining room table plays an essential role as a work surface and as a place for entertaining and enjoyment. Serving carts and tables with wheels take on new tasks and identities by simply changing their locations. This utility, freedom to improvise, and the relentless pursuit of a modern, bright style set the foundation for industrial style furniture.
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