Industrial Lighting

The Industrial Loft style was born in the converted factories and warehouses of urban America in the 1970s and 80s and perfected by the artists and creative types who pioneered a new way of apartment living – one filled with abundant square footage, found objects, and bright light. This light would come from the oversized windows, sometimes an entire floor’s worth, in the daytime. But what about at night? Lighting remained just as important and set the stage for some of the most creative re-imaginings and re-wiring of industrial lighting ever. The industrial approach to lighting looks first to the original purpose of lofts and the no-nonsense desk lamps, overhead lighting, floor lamps and even old spotlights from yesterday. Rewired and updated to contemporary style and safety standards, the industrial style light is an essential piece for creating the expansive and improvisational mood which helps define this most enduring of contemporary approaches.
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