Industrial Style Game Tables

The Industrial Loft style is the foundation of all urban bohemian trends that have evolved since the dawn of the 1990s. Almost everything we might call “hipster style” can be traced back to the lofts of SoHo and then eastwards to the lofts of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Typical of these roots is the resurgence of games tables – specifically foosball tables - in loft inspired homes and workspaces. Walk into any open-plan, loft inspired office and you’re virtually guaranteed to find one, but having one at home? That’s a luxury many creative types just can’t live without.

Nostalgia, the love of the game and the sheer joy of having the square footage to indulge in pastimes which would simply have been unimaginable back in the shoebox sized tenement buildings are the primary forces which drove the games table from the pinball and pac-man arcades into the artists’ Industrial Lofts.