Industrial Loft - Trays

One of the signature traits of great Industrial Loft style pieces is transportability, and few items offer so much of it as decorative trays. Wherever you take them, great style and display will surely follow. The early pioneers of Industrial loft style were artists and creative types who made in homes from what were once the factories and warehouses of urban America. Creating rooms from large airy, spaces took pragmatism and creativity in equal measure, and the ability to identify those pieces that would offer maximum flexibility and utility was absolutely essential. Like a classic loft, a great tray can take on many lives and uses and give new life to pieces that might otherwise seem limited in their uses. An Industrial style tray can turn an otherwise unexceptional console into a small cocktail party or dressing vanity – just add a few bottles of bubbles or fragrance. This ease and flexibility have made Industrial Loft style trays an enduring icon of this most loved urban style.
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