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Modern Classic - FURNITURE

Modern Classic style furnishings seamlessly blend together the old and the new by pulling the beloved aspects of classical design and adding a modern twist. At their core, these pieces will hold true to their history. You will find furniture with balance, symmetry, and a noticeable structure, but the pieces have time traveled into the 21st century with a modern element—they may be varnished in an innovative color, finished with patina, or constructed with acrylic. The modern touch of the Modern Classic look brings simplicity to the traditional classic approach to design.

Modern Classic furnishing is an ideal collection because the pieces work with just about every look. With a neutral color palette and a range of materials, these pieces have limitless potential. A wood table with a steel frame looks grand in a classic home but also works wonders in an industrial interior. A tufted ivory sofa looks fit for a queen to sit on but is also a statement piece for an all-white modern living room. Explore the creativity and versatility the Modern Classic style inspires in you.
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