Rustic Lodge - FURNITURE

The roots of rustic lodge style furniture are intricately connected to the history of life in North America, with an earthy pragmatism and love of rugged natural materials at its heart. Branch and twig style construction, revealing the grain and textured bark of furniture is common, as is the use of reclaimed wood. Earth tones like russet red burnt umber, forest green and vintage brown dominate the colors, while materials like wrought iron, cowhide, kilm wools and leather add a strong sensual element. Integral to the Rustic Lodge style is the classic Adirondack approach to architecture and d├ęcor, which was introduced to the US around 1850 and drew inspiration from old Swiss chalets. Using native materials which were easily sourced, they emphasized structural expression with exposed beams and set the foundation for Mission Style and Rustic Lodge styles to become a vital part of American design from the early 20th century through today.
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