Rustic Lodge - Candleholders

Forgive the pun, but few All American style traditions can hold a candle to the easy elegance of Rustic Lodge Style lighting. This is especially true of the most simple forms of lighting that were available to the residents of 19th Century and early 20th Century Adirondack lake homes and western ranches. Candleholders crafted from reclaimed wood, artfully wrought iron, old military souvenirs and repurposed oil lamps all find new life as Rustic Lodge style pieces. Back in the days before FDR’s New Deal, vast swathes of the United States were effectively off the grid, making the use of candles and oil lamps a necessity. In keeping with the core principles of Rustic Lodge style, necessity drove the creative expression found in these pieces that – either in materials or motifs – inevitably reflect the enduring beauty of nature.
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