Rustic Lodge - Trays

From the New England lake homes of gilded era industrialists and the WASP aristocracy to the rough and tumble ranches of the great American west, one fundamental value has endured: the value of a hard day’s work. Of all the decorative objects in the Rustic Lodge style, the tray is arguably the most industrious of them all. Often crafted from reclaimed wood planks or other recycled materials, these are the real workhorses of décor, playing as many roles as there are rooms or tasks to perform. First and foremost, the Rustic Lodge style tray serves – tea, coffee, or perhaps something with a twist. As a portable surface, the tray becomes a focal point for collections like vintage bottles or perfume bottles. It even works as a makeshift bar, which is a classic example of the improvisational approach that makes Rustic Lodge style so enduring.
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