Rustic Lodge - Wall Art

Finding beauty in nature is easy. Turning that same beauty into a livable and enduring approach to d├ęcor and lifestyle is a challenge, and one that certainly faced the originators of Rustic Lodge Style. Thankfully today the options and approaches are as diverse as the American landscape itself. With simple log cabin style walls, wood paneling, or in the Southwest adobe style walls, bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside took ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship. An overarching appreciation of utility and function still dominates Rustic Lodge wall art, however the love of natural environments and wildlife is also a consistent theme. Taxidermy whether as vintage specimens or cruelty-free reproductions, has seen resurgence in recent years, even making it into urban lofts and contemporary spaces. To Rustic Lodge aficionados, it never went out of fashion. Reclaimed wooded wagon wheels, wooden gears and even modernist works on paper are now part of this enduring, all American style.
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