What is Kathy Kuo Designs?

Kathy Kuo Designs is a professional interior design service provided by Kathy Kuo and her licensed design team for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. We offer traditional in-person interior design services to those located within 80 miles of New York City, and we offer online interior design services to those outside of the NYC area. But honestly, Kathy Kuo Designs is MUCH more than just a design service. We offer an easy, friendly, and tailored design experience to all of our clients by combining cutting-edge 3D virtualization technology with personalized service and access to the most exclusive and customizable designer furniture we guarantee you will not find on other sites. Find out more on our homepage!

Who is a part of the Kathy Kuo Designs team?

Our talented team of designers have, at minimum, four-year degrees in interior design, product design, visual design, and architecture as well as years of interior design work and experience under their belt. We aspire to elevate your vision for your home and fulfill your design needs as easily and efficiently as possible. Kathy Kuo leads the design team and edits and approves every design you will receive.

What makes Kathy Kuo Designs different from other online design services?

Unlike other online design services, we don’t just offer a mood board and a shopping list. While mood boards and collages are great for inspiration, they do not let you know how each item will actually fit in your home. At Kathy Kuo Designs, you will instead receive a CAD design schematic with furniture, lighting, décor, and art selection all placed and scaled specifically for your home and floor plans. And unlike most online design services, all of our designers are licensed interior designers with four year degrees who do not make a commission on selling you product.

Additionally, we offer a complimentary consultation (in-person or via phone) so you’ll know Kathy Kuo Designs is right for you BEFORE you pay. You will also receive: product procurement with access to exclusive, luxury items you cannot find at big-box retailers; customizable fabrics, upholstery, and furniture; superior shipping logistics and consolidation services; personal shopping and free shipping and delivery. Best of all, the design fee we charge gets directly credited back to you when you purchase through KKH, and your dedicated interior designer will be on call for all of your questions and feedback from initial consultation to final installation. Online design doesn’t get better than this.

How does it work?

1. Answer a Few Questions & Send Us Photos - Our short form is painless (we promise!), and it helps us understand your room and budget, likes and dislikes, and style and personality so we can provide the design that’s right for you.

2. Consult with a Designer - Receive a free consultation with one of our designers to talk ideas, hammer out details, answer your questions, and explore your many options—all with no commitment.

3. Receive Your Design - Receive a design solution perfect for you, and buy your look through our personal shopping services. As a Kathy Kuo Designs client, enjoy VIP discounts as well as a $250 credit towards your first KKH purchase. All orders ship free and are consolidated and delivered by our dedicated logistics team for the fastest, easiest way to receive your new furniture.

Can I make revisions to the designs I receive?

Absolutely! You can request up to two design revisions at no additional cost.

How much do Kathy Kuo Designs services cost?

We require a $250 design fee (per room) for you to receive your design schematic and corresponding shopping list. This fee will then be directly credited back to you when you make your first KKH purchase.

We also offer premium 3D rendering services at $1,000 (per room) with an additional $250 charge for any additional angles. You will receive a $250 credit towards your first KKH purchase.

Why do you charge a design fee?

The expertise and dedication you will receive with Kathy Kuo Designs’s online services is equivalent to the expertise and dedication you’ll find using a traditional interior designer. Our fee is charged to protect the efforts and expertise of our staffed licensed designers as well as the professional design schematics and renderings you’ll receive. After you receive your design, we will credit the entire $250 back to you when you purchase your new furniture and decor through KKH. We believe this is the most cost-effective way to design a beautiful home without losing the guidance and creativity of an expert interior designer.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

How do I communicate with my designer?

Our dedicated design team will be available to you throughout the entire Kathy Kuo Designs process. Most clients correspond over the phone or via email, but we are also available to meet in person at our showroom—whatever works best for you!

How involved is Kathy Kuo in my project?

Very! Kathy Kuo looks over, edits, and approves all designs before they are sent to you, and she is always available to discuss your design project by appointment upon request.

What is a design schematic?

Our design schematics include a complete room design, a floor plan with furniture and decor laid out to scale, and a shopping list with fabric and color recommendations and custom options specific to your space.

How long does a design project take? How long do I have to wait before I receive my design schematic?

Once you finish our Style Quiz or contact us via email, we will schedule your free consultation within 1 week. Following your consultation, you will receive your design within 5 business days per design schematic. Project duration typically varies by project, and a timeline will be determined during your initial consultation.

What happens after my design is complete and approved?

You will receive a $250 credit to Kathy Kuo Home for each room you designed with our Kathy Kuo Designs services… and then it’s time to wait by the door! Your dedicated designer will place your orders for you and ensure that every piece arrives at your home safely and on time.

How does Kathy Kuo Designs help with shipping and logistics?

Everything ships free, and our expert shipping and logistics team is the best in the business. We offer shipping consolidation, white glove delivery, and installation assistance so that every piece you purchase is placed in your home safely and securely.

What if I don’t like my design?

Our team works carefully to understand you, your style, and your desires for the space before crafting your design schematic. However, if you are unhappy with the results, you can consult with your designer once again to discuss changes, and we will provide up to two design revisions free of charge!

How do I start?

You can start your project by taking our Style Quiz. You can also send us a floor plan or images of your space by emailing hello@kathykuodesigns.com

I don’t have a floor plan of my home. What do I do?

If you don’t have a floor plan, we can work off of hand-drawn floor plans with dimension information and create one for you! Just let us know the dimensions of your space and the location of any windows, outlets, or doorways. Photographs of your space are also extremely helpful.

Are there any additional materials you need from me?

Although not required, links to your Pinterest boards or Instagram handle are a great way to help us get a sense of what your design style is and who you are!

What does Kathy Kuo Designs NOT provide?

We are not a design-build company, and therefore we don’t do construction, millwork, electrical, HVAC, etc. ourselves, but we’d still love to work with you! We have partnerships with several design-build firms, so if you are building a house from the ground up or have a commercial project inquiry, please email hello@kathykuodesigns.com for more information.

Can you work with furniture I currently own?

Absolutely! We’re more than happy to incorporate furniture you currently own into your designs.

Can you work with furniture not sold by Kathy Kuo Home?

As licensed interior designers, we have access to thousands of designer products not listed on our site. We also have access to products from other retailers and are definitely willing to work with you if there’s an item you absolutely love that we cannot provide. Please note, however, that we cannot manage ordering or make any guarantees concerning shipping, delivery, or quality on items that are not our own.

Do you offer Kathy Kuo Designs services for international clients?

Unfortunately, we do not offer Kathy Kuo Designs services for international clients at this time.

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